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30.03.12: Music added:
Ackerlight: Aegis Audiomaster 2 intro, Side Arms Hyper Dyne intro
Anthrox: Bravo Romeo Delta intro, Shadow Of The Beast III +8 trainer
Black Monks: Silk Worm intro
DiViNE: PGA European Tour intro
LEGEND: Double Dragon 3 +5 trainer, Hunter +6 trainer, New Year Lemmings 1991_1992 +3 trainer, Prehistorik +4 trainer
LSD: Damage intro
ORACLE: Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters +5 trn_1
Others: ABANDON - Kick Off 2 intro, KEFRENS - Lords Of The Rising Sun intro, Lightforce - Chaos Engine 2 intro, MOVERS - KR35 intro, PROPHECY - Jamcracker Ripper 1.7 intro, TARKUS - Knights Of The Crystallion DE intro, VENTURE - Beermon 0.37 intro, VENTURE - Bundesliga Manager 1.03 intro

26.03.12: Music added:
Anthrox: Fire And Ice +9 trainer, Rat Trap trainer
CRUDE: Soldier of Fortune Payback +6 trainer
DBH: PG Calculator 1.6 keygen, Popup Zero Pro 3.0 keygen, Smart Type Assistant 2003 1.3 keygen
DECADE: Der Clou intro
Dual Crew: Mickey Mouse's ABC intro
FAiRLiGHT: Sinus & Baars intro
FFF: Max Payne 2 Level Selector, Microsoft Midtown Madness 2 All Cars unlocker, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 (Crazy Cop) trainer, No One Lives Forever 2 All Access Levels intro, No One Lives Forever All Access Level intro
GEAR: 1-More PhotoManager 1.40 crack, Acala DVD Audio Ripper 2.3.2 crack, Acala DVD iPod Ripper 2.3.2 crack, Acala DVD PSP Ripper 2.3.2 crack, ButtonEx 1.0.57 crack, Make Your Album 1.2.4.x crack, Ones 2.0.358 crack, Stenzel SD Reisekosten Fahrtenbuch 2007 ESTG crack, To-Spy-On crack
HELLFiRE: XP8 intro
HoG: Dungeon Defenders Update 10 +8 trainer
HOODLUM: Burning Rubber intro
iNFLUENCE: 1st Registry Repair 1.2 (build 20060502) crack
LEGEND: Baby Joe +6 trainer, Cover Girl Strip Poker +3 trainer
LSD: Jetstrike Junior intro
MiRACLE: Kid Gloves intro
ORACLE: Mr Heli intro
OUTLAWS: Partners In Crime 94 intro, Transplanet intro
PARADOX: Nicky 2 intro
SCOOPEX: Race Driving +5 trainer
SKiD ROW: Just Cause 2 intro, McGee at the Fun Fair intro
SlipStream: Cluedo Master Detective intro
SUPPLEX: Alianator +4 trainer
THRUST: Aztec C + SDB 5.02 intro, Note Book intro, Ray Dance 1.0 intro
TRSi: Bad Vibes intro, Minskies trainer, Operation COM.BAT intro, Super Soccer intro
Others: ACCESS - Exterior +3 trainer, AGiLE - Crime Wave intro, AkEd - Sam DJ 4.4.4 crack, Alcatraz - CrunchoMatic intro, Avenger - Bio Challenge intro, Betrayal - Personal Finance Manager intro, Bitstoppers - Aegis Audio Master Dealer Demo 1.0 intro, CHERRY - Micro Machines +6 trainer, CRUX - Super Loops +2 trn, Crystal - WordsWorth 1.1 intro, DCS - Blob intro, DELiGHT - Brain Challenge intro, ENERGY - The Blues Brothers +17 trainer, EP - SEAT Driving Simulator intro, EXPRESS - Wind Surf Willy intro, FAiTH - Simulman 5 +3 trainer, FXM - Jungle Jim +2 trainer, INFECT - Waterflow intro, iNTENSiTY - Forest Dumb intro, Lightforce - Travel Manager intro, Medellin - Mad Fighters II intro, MEGAFORCE - Bubble Ghost intro, PRESTiGE - Tactical Manager Italia intro, Public Enemy No.1 - Amiga Soccer intro, QUARTEX - Norten Protection intro, REBELS - Poo Poo Dreams trainer, RU-BoARD - WinRaR 4.11.x crack, SOC - Cannon Fodder +3 trainer, SWiTCH - Silent Service II intro, TRZ - Hero Quest II intro, Urban Design - A Statement intro, ViSiON - Professional Lottery System intro, WoW - California Games intro, X.O - Virtual DJ version 4.2-Trial crack

21.03.12: Music added:
BACKLASH: Caesar +2 trainer, Fighting Force installer, The Ultimate Challenge +5 trainer
DBH: Idea Tracker 1.2.4 keygen, Wave To MP3 Maker Plus 2.3 keygen
EXPLOSiON: MyWeb 3.4 keygen
HELLFiRE: Gloom +7 trainer, Worms intro
HoG: Area-51 1.2 (v.1.1.89007u) +4 trainer, Battle LA +3 trainer, Bulletstorm +5 trainer, Deep Black 1.0 +4 trainer, E.Y.E Divine Cybermacy +6 trainer, Guardian of Light 1.0 +4 trainer, Orcs Must Die! +4 trainer, Sanctum +3 trainer, Reign of Chaos 1.24e +4 trainer, Worms Reloaded +10 trainer
LSD: Aladdin 4D intro, Baby Jo in 'Going Home' +4 trainer, Wonder Dog +9 trainer, Wordsworth 1.1 intro
Razor1911: Amusing 5 intro
RED: 1st Mass Mailer 4.x keygen, AD Stream Recorder 3.2 keygen, Internet Download Manager 6.04.2 keygen, Magic Calender Maker 3.0 keygen, Magic Image Resizer 1.5 keygen, Mythicsoft FileLocator Pro 5.5 crack, NetoScope 1.6 keygen, PIC Simulator IDE 6.70 crack, PIC10F Simulator IDE 1.40 crack, PIC18 Simulator IDE 2.60 crack, Teleport PRO 1.60 keygen
REVENGE: MyLanViewer 1.4 crack
TFT: NOD32 Antivirus crack, Phone Call Recorder 3.4 crack
The Company: Block Shock intro
TRSi: Sculpt Animate 4D Junior intro, XMen 2 +4 trainer
TSRh: USB Safeguard 5.0 keygen
Others: 2000AD - SimCity Deluxe intro, ABAKUS - Indian Mission DE intro, Ackerlight - Attack On London intro, AkEd - Driver Easy crack, Awesome - Lethal Xcess +4 trainer, BS1 - Digi Paint 1.34 intro, BS1 - Jump Jet intro, CoolPHat - Europe Racer installer, ERRORSOFT - Minden intro, EURASiA - Godzilla Domination intro, EURASiA - SD Gundam G Generation Advance intro, Infinite Perfection - Bridge Player Galactica 2.1 intro, KENT - Logic Works Final 5 intro, KENT - The Forest intro, Medway Boys - Thundercats intro, MEGAFORCE - Seconds Out intro, MODE7 - Ace Lighting intro, MODE7 - Advance Wars 2 intro, QUADLiTE - Coppercabana intro, QUARTEX - Asterix and Obelix PAF! Them All! +5 trainer, TARKUS - Dos Control 4.0 intro, The Band - Unreadable intro, The Champs - Thundercats intro, THRUST - Alien Syndrome intro, TMA - Airport intro, TPC - Space Harrier II intro, TSL - Easy Ruling intro, VENOM - Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Herberts Revenge intro, VOODOO - Rick Dangerous II intro

16.03.12: sc68rip - SC68 Ripper. Updated v2mrip, fc14rip and ymrip.
Music added:
DEFJAM: Ghouls n Ghosts intro, Power Drift intro, Rock Star Ate My Hamster intro
ORACLE: Gary Linekers Hot-Shot! intro, Pipe Mania intro, Steve Davis World Snooker intro
PARADOX: Disney Anim Studio intro, ESWAT intro, Panza Kick Boxing intro
Postmortem: Legend Hand of God intro, Motoracer 3 Gold intro
Razor1911: Spirit of Excalibur intro
RED: Maze Creator STD 3.63 crack, MP3 Splitter Joiner Pro 3.5 crack
SKiD ROW: D-Day English intro
SUPPLEX: Doodlebug +10 trainer
TRSi: Breach intro
UNLEASHED: Full Pipe intro, LA Rush intro
Others: Ackerlight - Bards Tale Solver intro, AGiLE - World Rugby intro, Anarchy - Realtime 4H Party intro, Anarchy - Silly Stars intro, ANGELS - Prince of Persia intro, Anthrox - Chuck Rock 2 intro, Anthrox - Shadow Lands intro, Classic - Betrayal intro, Crystal - Steel Empire intro, DECADE - A-Sampler 2.0 intro, DELiGHT - Dracula +10 trainer, Punishers - Project One intro, Punishers - Quick And Silva intro, QUARTEX - Blues Brothers intro, SCOOPEX - Crash Landing intro, SlipStream - Blue Bros +3 trainer, SlipStream - Insects in Space +2 trainer, The Company - Bards Tale III intro, The Company - Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles intro, TRiLOGY - Paris Dakar 1990 intro, UNiTA - Vampires Empire intro, UNiTA - World Tour Golf intro, VACE - The Big Game Charlie Brown installer

13.03.12: Music added:
DJiNN: myPlan 1.22 keygen
DOC: Boulderdash intro, Demons Are Beautiful intro, Soundtracker III intro, Soundtracker IV intro
FAiRLiGHT: Aquatic Games intro, Corsariors++ intro
FFF: DU Meter 4.00b3009 crack
HoG: Dead Island Ryder White DLC 1.3.0 +11 trainer, KoA Reckoning +5 trainer
HOODLUM: Dennis Aga Final intro, Fatman intro, Last Ninja Trilogy intro, Sensible World of Soccer intro
HORiZON: Last Ninja II intro
iOTA: Nero Platinum HD 11.0.15800 crack
NAPALM: Gradius III +2 trainer, Magical Taruruutokun Magic Adventure +3 trainer, Realm +4 trainer
ORACLE: Bomber Bob Final intro
PARADOX: Days of Thunder intro, Sub Trade intro, The Immortal intro
Razor1911: Out Of The Ashes intro, Sabre Team +8 trainer
SKiD ROW: Robotnic intro, Wings Over Israel intro
The Band: Roller Coaster Rumbler intro
TRSi: Krustys Fun House +5 trainer, Mac Donald Land +11 trainer
TSRh: Vertus Fluid Mask 3.2.3 keygen
Others: Ackerlight - F16 Falcon intro, AkEd - SWiSH Max4 4b2011.06.20 crack, ANGELS - Moonblaster intro, Animate - Muscle Cars intro, Avenger - Top Less Girls Win32 intro, Bad Karma - Enemy Unknown AGA intro, Black Monks - Dragons Lair +3 trainer, Black Monks - Test Drive 2 trainer, BST - Abra Cadabra intro, CARCASS - Sim City 1.2 Turbo intro, CBC - Heroes of the Lance intro, Classic - Ski Or Die intro, CREST - Jimmys Fantastic Journey intro, CRUX - Super Hang-On intro, DECADE - Edd The Duck II +2 trainer, DECADE - Ugh! intro, DECAY - Ooops Up +2 trainer, DELiGHT - Wonder Dog +9 trainer, ESI - Worlds At War intro, FANTASY - Heist installer, FANTASY - Quake 3 Team Arena Addon installer, FREESTYLE - The Inner City intro, GENESiS - Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge intro, GGHZ - Mega Mario 1.7 trainer, HELLFiRE - Zeewolf 2 +7 trainer, IPEC Elite - Robocopper intro, LEGEND - Donkey Kong intro, MAJIC12 - Amoeba Strip 69 intro, MGF - Teenage Queen intro, MiRACLE - Chess Player 2150 intro, MiRACLE - Gravity intro, MiRACLE - Xenomorph intro, MODE7 - The Legend of Zelda A Link To The Past Four Swords intro, MOTiON - Biing intro, MYSTiC - Armour Geddon II intro, NEMESiS - Quest For Agravain intro, NEMESiS - The Perfect General WWII Scenario intro, OKS - Electric Shock intro, PALACE - Count Duckula 2 intro, PARANOiMiA - Castle Master intro, REBELS - CJ Elephant Antics +9 trainer, REBELS - Total Triple Trouble intro, RESiSTANCE - Varez 3.0 intro, SCOOPEX - Exectutioner Playable Preview intro, SCOOPEX - Logical Preview intro, SETROX - Krypton Egg trainer, SUPPLEX - Dynasty Wars intro, SUXXORS - Strike Force Hydra +6 trainer, SWiTCH - Block intro, The Company - Turbo Backup intro, TMA - Barney and Freddy Mouse intro, TRZ - Test Match Cricket intro, TSL - Check Mate intro, TSL - Virus intro, VENOM - Astro Boy Omega Factor +4 trainer, WoW - Go 64! 2.0 intro

04.03.12: February 2012 MusicPack!!!
Music added:
ACME: MultiPlant II GPS keygen
AiR: knzaudio Midifier 1.x keygen, Nomad Factory All Products keygen, Sinus MultiLens 3.0 keygen, SuperWave P80 keygen
CORE: MP3 Producer keygen, sArchiver 3 MacOS keygen
DBH: Collating Batch Printer 1.0 keygen, Cool Notes 6.82 keygen
DYNAMiCS140685: EarthTime 3.x.x.x crack, FreeRIP Basic 3.65 crack
EXPLOSION: Mouse Master 1.5 keygen
FLG: DU Meter 4.14 Build R2557 crack
PARADOX: Jack Nicklaus Unlimited Golf intro
REVENGE: MP3-Tag-Editor 3 crack
Others: d2k2 - MOBILedit! 6.0.x Standard crack, LEGEND - Dynamite Dick intro, SUPPLEX - Ork +8 trainer, TRiANON - Dogfight 2187 intro