Music from keygens, cracks, trainers, intros / Музыка из кейгенов, кряков, трэйнеров, заставок

Release(s) / DownloadTitleSizeVote
Devil May Cry 3 SE +9 trainerMy melody9KBVote!
Half Life 2 +19 trainerfrom summer to winte5KBVote!
KOTOR2 +18 trainerPast the orion4KBVote!
Prey 1.0 +10 traineris back 200210KBVote!
SWRC +13 trainerAges5KBVote!
Tribes: Vengeance +7 / Codename Panzers Phase One +12 trainerTinytune 11KBVote!

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it means that music in specified keygen and that file are identical

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